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Vectortown - Free Vector Art & Design Assets

Made with love, given freely for your personal or commercial projects.

950+ Free Vector Icons

Vectortown Universal Icon Set - 720+ Icons

Over 720 flat style vector icons in EPS and PDF format. Free to use for personal or commercial projects. This set contains most icons you will need from material icons, document types, to arrows. There are open and enclosed versions of many of the icons as well.

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Giant Turtle Gorilla Polar Bear Rhino Leopard

Endangered Species - Animal Icon Set

18 different animal icons, from lions, tigers, and bears oh my! Each icon has an open and enclosed version - so 36 icons in total. Packaged as EPS and PDF. Feel free to use these for your personal or commercial projects. It might make you feel good to donate to your local animal protection society or the World Wildlife Foundation too!

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225 Social Icons in Vector format and .CSH

45 popular flat style social icons, in monochrome, and colour with 3 different styles for a total of 225 icons! FREE to download and use for personal or commercial purposes. Formats are EPS, PDF and CSH (Photoshop custom shape format).

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